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Alwaysales is Australia's private shopping club for women and men who want designer brand apparel and accessories at prices up to 90% off retail. We obtain authentic designer merchandise and provide it exclusively to our members through limited-time events. Each campaign starts at a specific time and typically lasts only 5-7 days. Members are notified by email in advance of each upcoming event according to their preferences.

Membership is free and everyone is welcome to join!


Membership has its privileges!

There are three ways to join alwaysales:

  • You can be invited by a friend who is already a member
  • You can get a special invitation from one of our marketing partners
  • You can request a membership

    How does it all work
    Alwaysales is a design-focused company, dedicated to helping our customers discover fun and unique products. Our buyers are constantly seeking out the most exciting designers and well-known brands of apparel & accessories, accent pieces, and eye-catching tech products. We are a unique destination within the private sale space because we merge the most innovative technology in the online retail space with a serious focus on great product.We will advertise sales event items for 3-5 days. 60% stock is usually sold in the first 48 hours so let us be your daily addiction.

  • Our buyers have a boundless and tireless energy for what they do; events on our site change daily.
  • Each and every item for sale has been hand-picked by someone with a keen eye for the latest trends, highest-quality brands and best fabrications.
  • Our technology and design groups are continually evolving our site by adding features to make our site easier to navigate and to perfect the social shopping experience.
  • Our savvy Member Service team is available for those times when you need live help.
  • We negotiate with our Brand Partners to send through all purchased stock to one of our international warehouses, including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and China. Once our Warehouse Team receives the stock in, we will pack your order and dispatch direct to your door!
  • Our average delivery time frame is up to 21 days from the sales event ending – however this is dependent on where the goods are sourced. We will dispatch to you as soon as possible – and will endeavour to beat our estimated delivery time frames wherever possible. By operating the way we do, we are able to offer up to 90% off the Recommended Retail Price of items all over the world!
  • We want each ALWAYSALES offer to feel too good to be true. We pride ourselves on honesty, commitment and fun. We present our highlights and restrictions clearly, so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase a deal with us. If you are not happy with a deal purchase, our customer service team will come to the rescue.
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