Devanti Commercial 3KG Ice Maker - Stainless Steel

Our Devanti commercial ice cube maker is super efficient in creating 30kg of ice cubes in just 24 hours. Each 12 to 18-minute ice making cycle can produce about 44 ice cubes depending on the water and ambient temperature. You can even have your preferred crystalline square-shape ice cubes size by adjusting the ice cube making duration. The machine itself is smart and intuitive with a unique self-cleaning system, dual safety protection, on/off timer setting, excellent heat dissipation with two powerful fans, a user-friendly LED control panel and adjustable non-slip legs for a stable and quiet operation. The ice cube maker complies with current Australian standards.

* Stainless steel commercial ice maker
* 30kg of ice in 24hrs
* 44 ice cubes per cycle
* Crystalline square-shape ice cubes
* Unique self-cleaning system
* On/off timer setting
* Intelligent LED screen control panel
* Large viewing window
* Dual safety protection
* 12 to 18 minutes rapid ice making
* Adjustable ice size
* Adjustable non-slip legs
* 40% energy saving
* Excellent heat dissipation with two powerful fans
* Quiet operation
* Easy to clean
* Meets Australian standard

Note: Slowly remove protective film from body

* Ice making capacity: 30kg in 24hrs
* Storage: 3kg
* Water tank: 3.7L
* Casing: Stainless steel
* Cubes: 44 per cycle
* AC Voltage: 220-240V / 50 Hz
* Motor: 400W
* Refrigerant: R134a
* Power overload protection: Yes
* Water shortage protection: Yes

Package Content
1 x DEVANTi Commercial Ice Maker x 1
1 x Ice Scoop x 1
1 x Water drainage hose x 1
1 x Water inlet hose x 1
1 x User Manual x 1

Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker 3KG

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