Weisshorn 720 Degree Outdoor TV Antenna

Annoyed with poor TV and radio reception while outdoors? Or in your caravan or water craft? Our roof-mounted Weisshorn Outdoor TV Antenna is just the thing for you. This is an excellent TV aerial for the reception of the digital terrestrial DVB-T and DVB-T2 signals and DAB radio stations, as well as local and regional UHF and VHF TV and FM signals. Whether your vehicle or craft is static or on the move, the reception is equally as strong and steady with little drop-outs. It has a built-in low noise and high gain booster for crystal-clear images and an effortless 720 degree reception (full horizontal and vertical 360 degree rotation) with up to 80km coverage. The compact and aerodynamic design is UV-resistant and rain-proof with exceptional wind resistance. Not least, the Antenna comes with all the necessary fittings and accessories for an easy installation. A bonus wall plate and screws are also included.

* Broader 80km reception coverage
* 720 degree reception: full horizontal and vertical 360 degree rotation
* Enhanced UHF and VHF reception
* FM programmes reception
* Built-in high gain and low noise booster
* UV-resistant and rainproof
* Bonus wall plate and screws
* Compact and aerodynamic design
* Effortless antenna rotation
* Compatible with DVB-T and DVB-T2 signals
* Easy to install
* SAA-approved adaptor
* Suitable for home, caravans , RVs and boats

* Frequency range: VHF:87.5-230MHz/ UHF: 470-862MHz
* Antenna gain :30 dB max.
* Max. output level: 100 duvp max
* Connection: F Connector
* Range: 80km
* Power supply: DC 12V

Package Content
1 x WEISSHORN TV antenna
1 x Adapter
1 x Power supply unit
1 x Wall Plate
1 x Screw Set

Weisshorn 720° Outdoor TV Antenna

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