Vacuum Food Sealer Machine Black

When you seal your food in a vacuum, the air that causes food oxidation and degradation has been removed from the packaging. This allows the food to be stored for longer periods without losing its freshness as well as retaining all its vital nutrients. Food that is vacuum sealed can actually last three to five times longer compared to conventional storage methods.

Plus, you can also buy food in bulk and store them in smaller portions by vacuum sealing each pack. With a powerful suction pump and up to 30cm wide sealer bags, our Vacuum Food Sealer can help to store medium size meats to smaller sized vegetables and fruits easily. Better still, your purchase comes with a bonus of five sealer bags and one vacuum roll to get you started right away.

Operating the vacuum sealer is easy. Just place the food in the bag, adjust your settings and seal it.Everything is a one-touch operation with minimum hassle. And with our included canister hose, you can even purchase optional vacuum sealable canisters and use it with the machine to store more varieties of food.

* Compact size
* 30cm wide vacuum and sealing size
* Powerful piston pump
* Vacuum pressure up to -0.75 Bar (-75Kpa)
* One touch operation
* Turns off automatically after each usage
* Stop and seal switch
* Canister hose included
* Free bags and roll included
* SAA-approved

* Voltage: AC 220-240V/ 50Hz
* Power: 110W

Package Content
1 x 5 Star Chef Vacuum Food Sealer
1 x Canister Hose
1 x Food Sealer Roll
5 x Food Sealer Bag
1 x User Manual

Premium Vacuum Food Sealer

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