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On a hot, humid evening, keep a cool head with the Chillow inside your pillowcase. The Chillow is activated simply by filling it with water!! Fill with approximately 2 litres of water, push out air and then tighten cap. Then simply let the Chillow rest for 4 hours to allow time for evaporation process to work. It is then ready to use. It's a calming oasis for your head, neck or back. Sleep with the Chillow inside your pillowcase to prevent night sweats for better, more restful sleep.


  • Relieve hot flashes, headaches, sunburns, and more
  • Fits standard pillows and while it needs no refrigeration unless for more intense cooling power
  • Only activated one time for long term use
  • Use alone or with standard pillows
  • Non-toxic, non-gel product that is glove-leather soft
  • Fits standard pillow sizes.
  • Not recommended for children under five.
  • Care Instructions: Use a damp cloth for spot cleaning.

Twin Pack Of Chillow Pillow Soothing Insert

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